Isn’t it strange how we always complain about the weather … too hot … too cold!  Are we never satisfied?

Living in a virtual working world does give me the opportunity to be where ever I want to be and when.  It’s taken a number of years to get into the position where I am in a virtual working world, but on days like today when the outside thermometer hit 47C it does make you wonder why I’m still here.

Living in a house built over 150 years ago helps make the difference.  A week or so ago we discovered that by closing the shutters early in the morning, not only keeps the sun off the glass of the windows but also keeps the sun from shining on the floor and heating up the tiles.  With the outside temperature rising to the mid and high 40C’s, we were able to keep the house at 25C.  A pleasant temperature to work in.

It made me wonder what the reason was that people pull down these old houses to build new ones.  The house I’m in now was built to keep in the cool in the heat of the summer, and keep in the warm in the depth of the winter … the new houses built over the past 50 or so years, aren’t built with this in mind.

It makes me wonder if ‘eco’ really means ‘going back to the way we used to do things’ many, many years ago?

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