We sat down after our return to Australia and asked ourselves the questions found in Tip one.  Often as you ask one question others come up too.  We answered all of these.

Answering questions like this can take time, so it’s important not to rush into your own answers.  What we did was ask the first question and wrote our answers down in the our journals.

Several months later, once we knew that we had the true answer, rather than the answer that you feel the other person wants to hear, we shared our answers.  As we went through all the answers, we sometimes found that one of the answers we had was the same – other times we had completely different answers.  It was a very interesting exercise.  It gave us the insite to the reasons that we had made this decision.

When we had worked through all our answers, we then worked through all the reasons why we didn’t want to go.  Understanding the information (the why not) behind these answers/reasons is important.  Research shows that a high percentage of people who emigrate to countries, more often with a long flying distance from their home country, return to their home country within two years.  So investigating the reasons why you do not want want to go, is in some ways more important that knowing the reasons why.

During this time we had discussions with our emigration agent.  We were all still working through the visa options to find the right one.  These discussions also led to a number of answers to our questions being updated.  They triggered interesting thoughts.

So now you really know why you want to go and why you don’t want to go.  What is your current decision – go or not go?

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