Having spent many hours investigating a new environment, on our return to the UK we knew that we had found the place we wanted to move to.

So in June 2008 we spent time with our Financial Advisors, reviewed our financial position and made a decision that we would buy the property in Ribeira da Vaca.  We had the deposit in our bank account but had to be absolutely sure that we would be able to release the balance within the required timeframe.  One of the things we knew was that from the exchange contract date we had 90-days to complete.  If we were unable to complete the couple selling this property would have been able to retain the deposit.  On the other hand, if they withdrew from the sale, we would be paid double the value of the deposit.

We negotiated for the purchase and arrived at an agreement with the couple selling.  This negotiation was done through our agent – Martinho of Madeira Property Centre – and took a week or so to complete.

As was expected, this period for us was unsettling – after 5 years we had suddenly found somewhere that we wanted to move to.  Through the research we had done in all the countries we had believed we could live, very quickly we had made a decision.  Some told us that we should visit several times before we made a decision, but we went ahead.

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