The next couple of months were time consuming, stressful, worrying, and exhilarating!  Meetings, envelopes full of paper, forms to sign, bureaucraticlanguage, paperwork … all kept us very busy while time was marching onwards.

As we had not expected to find the property of our dreams on the first trip to Madeira (or maybe not expected to want to live there) we felt unprepared to actually progress our dreams, our plans, and buy this property.

Some days we nearly gave up!  When dealing with the Financial Investment industry in the UK, we found that the paper trail, the expectation that the client talks the same language, the volumes of information that we could not understand, the frustrations at delays through no obvious reason, all brought up the feelings of stress and worry!

At all times, we kept positive – the photographs were available for us to look at, the typography we had ordered and paid for, the exchange contract – these were available at all times to remind us of our decision!  The benefits that we were looking for, and the constant communication from Martinho, meant that we weathered this process.

In hindsite (always a wonderful thing) we would have been more prepared if we had gone to Madeira with our finances sorted and in a position that we were ready to purchase a property.  The reason we didn’t – we had done so much research over such a long period of time, that at times we believed that we would never find the environment or property that we would want to buy.

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