Over the past few weeks I’ve seen dreams come true:

  • Mark Wilson has now set up his own charity! After a period of research, excitements and challenges, Mark has now received his first donation into the charity!  This period for Mark has been a journey of experiences, learnings, and achievements!
  • Allan Cameronhas published his book – Emma!  As Allan says ‘On a Sunday morning, sometime in 1972, I sat down at my desk in the prep hall …’.  After after a life of learnings and experiences, Allan has realised his dream by seeing his own creativity captured in a book that has been publshed!
  • Audrey Mbuyazihas now recorded her first album!  As Audrey says ‘For many years, this Zimbabwean-born singer-songwriter, now resident in South Africa, has yearned to record an original album.  Now, Audrey is seeing her dream become a reality …’  Audrey is preparing for her concert at Pirates in Greenside today.
  • Maxine Harrison has again been recognised by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the world’s Top Villa Specialists.  Maxine originally received this award in 2006 and every year since.  To achieve this award Maxine not only sources some of the worlds most interesting villas, she also vists them all, and provides a personal service that sees her clients return year after year.  After 20+ years in this industry, Maxine is still one of the specialists who has a passion for travel and providing a personal service to allow people to achieve their own dreams …

‘To accomplish great things,
we must not only act, but also dream;
not only plan, but also believe.’
Anatole France

We have all had dreams, and you will know from following my story on this blog, that my dreams are coming true!  Yes we are one step closer to making our move … but more on that later.  Today it’s about others achievements and your dreams.

I’ve met the four people I’ve seen achieve their dreams ….  For each of them it hasn’t been an easy path to achievement and yes they still have steps to take.  As they have trod the path of their dreams, step-by-step there have been challenges, great learnings, little dreams have been achieved, milestone reached, but for each the dream has stayed alive as they’ve taken each step to achieve it.  Mark I met through my membership to the Rotary Club of Ashford, EarlyBirds (UK); Allan is a school friend from my days at boarding school in South Africa, Audrey I met in the UK through my IT career as we were both trained as Oracle ‘consultants’; and Maxine I met in the UK at a networking event when a friend introduced us as we had the same country of birth!  Who do you know that’s achieved their dream?

As Anais Nin says ‘Dreams are necessary to life.’  We all dream … we’ve all had dreams.  Take a few moments now and capture your own dreams … if you had no responsibilites in life what would you really like to be doing now?  If there were no restrictions where would you be living?  What are you dreams?

Dreams pass into the reality of action.
From the actions stems the dream again;
and this interdependence produces
the highest form of living.
Anais Nin

Ask yourself, ‘how important are these dreams to me?’  ‘What will happen if I do not live my dreams?’  ‘What will happen if I do live my dreams?’

How would it feel if you were to convert your dreams/aspirations to achievable goals?
How would you feel to achieve your dreams/aspirations?