The unexpected arrives and you suddenly start to remember who you are going to move away from.  A very close friend sent me ‘The Bright Red Hat’, and it brought home to me all the people I’ve met in my travels and emigrations.  All those friends I grew up with and moved away from.  All those friends I made at boarding school, and moved away.  All those friends I had a college, and moved away from.  All those friends I’ve made in the different countries I’ve lived in and worked in, and since moved away from.  And now another emigration and another step away from the friends I have here.  Who are you moving from when you move to your new environment?

One of the biggest challenges we have is to keep in touch with all those people we’ve met, all those aquaintances that we’ve made on our journey through life, and all those friends that have always been there when you’ve needed someone to talk to or to support you.

How do you stay in touch?  A great learning for me was the Christmas letters that my mother always  wrote and sent around the world to keep in touch with the friends my parents had made in their travels.  I started the same idea when I left home and I know from friends of mine that if they don’t get the letter they are really disappointed.  In today’s world, technology allows us to connect through various media and I’ve been lucky enough to connect to family, school friends, work colleagues, business partners, and a range of fabulous connections using social media – yes I am on Facebook too, plus a number of others.  A great way to connect is through your own blog.  So rather than think that you are leaving people behind, now is the time to think about how you will stay connected.  Think about how to add to your circle of friends rather than move away from those you have!

Want to make a success of your plans to change your environment?
Want to make a success of your emigration?
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