,,, is elsewhere and that this life is a ‘wandering to find home’, why should we not look forward to the arrival?’  C.S. Lewis

This is an interesting question.  I’ve just taken another step towards my own future home and over the past few weeks while I’ve been in transition, I’ve wondered if I will enjoy this next step.  C.S. Lewis asks ‘should we not look forward to our arrival?’ and I thought about this in relation to the decision that I’ve taken to move.  Not only that I’ve taken the decision to move, but also that I’ve taken the decision to move to a different country with a new (to me) culture.

We sold our house and moved out the last week of February 2010.  Although I had a very quick visit to the island, I remained in the UK while the internet, telephone and other connections were organised.  This has not been a simple step, as it would seem.  Yes, we bought a beautiful property in an un-developed part of the island, but … the guidance we were given about the quality of internet connection that we could have wasn’t accurate and it has taken a number of weeks to resolve this issue.  No, it is not fully resolved, and this period of transition has truly shown that sometimes our plans don’t give the result we expect.

For me, the transition between one home and another has not been an easy step – this is for someone who has moved around the world many times without great about the move or truly planning it.  We are all very used to moving from one home to another – being very focused on where we are and where we are going.  Knowing how to stop our current services and start our new services – in many cases, just moving the services from one house to another.

With the fantastic support that I’ve had on the island in everything that I’ve done, organised, scheduled, and planned it does come as a surprise when things don’t flow as smoothly as you think that they should.

Over the last four weeks since moving out of our house in the UK, I have not had that opportunity to be very focused on where I am going …  I’ve been very lucky and this time has shown the number of truly true friends that I have, but  …

… it has also been a very interesting learning!  Besides becoming very disoriented, very disorganised, not focused, there has been a huge impact on my health.  Those friends who have stood by me, housed me, fed me, made sure that everything that I could have needed has been provided, are those true friends that I know I will truly miss!  Yes, the question of making new friends (true friends and not just acquaintances) has crossed my mind many times.  This time has also shown that the challenges you face moving from one country to another whilst still trying to work and keep in a stable environment can be highlighted.

This last week specifically and finding this quote have really allowed me to understand the negative in just wandering through life, the negative in not truly understanding where I am, and where I am going, the negative in the expectations that I had; BUT it’s been a fabulous opportunity to really know those who are true friends, to fully understand the benefits of meditation, of reflection, of the opportunity to talk to those around me who support me, to within my working life get a clear picture of those I do want to continue to work with and those I don’t, and to truly design the life I want to live.  Some of this has been very hard – for example, people I thought held the same or very similar values to myself have shown not to do so!  So what to do … this last week specifically has provided me with the opportunity to take time out and reflect and mediate on what I truly want from my own life – how I want to live it – and confirmed the reasons that I chose to move to this new (and exciting) environment.

Am I now looking forward to the arrival?  I can truly say YES!