‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ Albert Einstein.

Since moving to the island my workload hasn’t reduced to the level that I thought that it would, so generally I am found in the office on a Saturday morning; but today … I am doing something different.  There are parts of this island that I haven’t yet seen and places that I haven’t yet been to, so I’m off out to ‘explore’.

This opportunity came because of my delayed flight from Lisbon this week – read more in Cormack’s Capers in Monday’s publication of The Psychic Week – and I was sitting next to a delegate coming to attend an EU conference.  As she was planning to spend Saturday on the island, I offered to drive her around … yesterday, she accepted my offer.  So rather than doing the same thing as I always do and not really thinking about the results, today I’m off out …!  What am I expecting – yes something different!