We are just negotiating the sale of our house in the UK – yes our dream is coming true and we are moving – but I’ve suddenly remembered that the outstanding items on the house in Madeira are still just that – outstanding!

Thankfully the house is in a state in which we can move into it, but it will mean that areas of the house we would like to have completely finished before we moved – won’t be.

How does this impact what we are doing now?  It doesn’t.  We had to make the decision that we would move and sort these little things out once we are there.

Where does this leave us?  In a very interesting position … we are in the process of selling the house in the UK around Xmas and New Year.  We are just waiting for the final moving date to allow us to truly plan our move.  What are our options?  When it comes to moving from one country to another you must truly understand what you need in the house/environment you are moving into, before you finalise your plans.

We are just working through what we need – electricity, running water, gas (for water heating), internet connection, telephone, mobile, and the list goes on.  If you are in this position, what do you need?

Once we have the actual moving date from the Estate Agents, we will be able to create a plan of each step that we need to take.  I’ll publish these as we create them.