Until the late 1960’s, Paúl do Mar was a fishing village that you could only access by boat.  For the next 30 or so years,the only way down to the village was driving carefully down a slow and dangerous road – an interesting way in/out of anywhere, as the funnels on this road were created by hand.  These show the challeneen bges of accessing all areas of Madeira.  More recently an easier road has built to allow you to explore this wonderful village!

Wending your way down the cliff face throught the twists, turns and hairpin bends of either road, takes you through a number of tunnels (hand carved or machine made) until you come out into the village.

Paúl do Mar is one of the most important fishing villages of the archipelago of Madeira.  The ocean in this part of the world, provides this village with an incredibly rich variety of fish, to such an extent that Paúl do Mar is frequently referenced in the gastromic world.

Coming down the ‘new’ road (from the Funchal, Calheta side of the village) brings you out to the option of turning left to drive down to the harbour.  Arriving at the right time of the morning or evening allows you to see the fisherman leaving to go fishing, or arriving back with their catches!

Continuing along the higher road allows you to turn left to the road which runs along the sea-front.  This road runs you along the front of the village, where you can select to stop and have a coffee or meal at Lago Mar!  Sit in the sun and watch the waves role in as village life continues around you.

Further down this road you’ll find the Paúl do Mar Apartment Hotel.  Here you can sit on a terrace above the road, have a coffee or a meal and watch the sea roll in.

It is true to say that providing roads to allow you to visit Paúl do Mar has not changed the romantic aspect of this village.  Whereever you select to go in Paúl do Mar you are sure to find authenticity, peace, and tranquility.

On the upper road in Paúl do Mar you come across a gem of a B&B called Aquela Banda!  Staying here allows you to experience life in the village first-hand.  You cannot ask for a more perfect place to stay!  Rooms are roomy, very comfortable, and extremely clean.  Breakfast is the freshest continential breakfast served with a relaxed and professional service!  Spent the evening sitting on your balcony, listening to the waves, watching life in the village, with a glass of wine!

Vila Amore (next door to Aquela Banda) offers you the opportunity to experience the most perfect coffee and cakes!  The banking is done on the premises using the freshest of ingredients.  Sit outside on the verandah/patio, overlooking the sea and experiencing the comings and goings of village life.  Next door to this most wonderful coffee shop is a small supermarket.

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Paúl do Mar is found on the West-South-West coast of Madeira, just below the village of Prazares found on the top of the cliff, in the region of Calheta (Calheta includes eight parishes spread over a total area of 116 square kilometres.)  For the visitor Paúl do Mar offers relaxation, walks along the levada’s, the sea, surfing, body boarding, snorkling, and diving!  The sea is never too cold and the under-water geology makes experiencing the water-activities a very special place to be.  Many professional surfers in Europe consider Paúl do Mar one of the top European surfing spots.
When you leave Paúl do Mar and slowly climb the cliff to the main road, using either road, you leave behind you a paradise that you will never forget.

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