It is believed that the name ‘Porto Moniz’ is related to that of Francisco Moniz who was married to one of the grand daughters of Gonçalves Zarco, the discoverer of the island.

Porto Moniz is in the most north-western point of the island.
One of the attractions of Porto Moniz is its beautiful natural salt-water swimming pools.  These pools are filled by the tide with crysal clear salt-water and are surrounded by lava rocks.  They are a favourite bathing venue for the locals and the tourists.  An experience to try.

Porto Moniz’s main source of industry are agriculture and fishing with a small number of tourist type businesses the downtown area.  At one end of the promenade is a Aquarium (the ‘Living Science Centre’ or ‘Centro de Ciência Viva’).  The promenade connects the two natural salt-water swimming pools, with seating areas, coffee bars, snack bars, restuarants, and view points.  Our restuarant of choice here is ‘Orca’ – fabulous menu, great views and a superb atmosphere.

Getting to Porto Moniz could be an interesting experience – it features a helipad.  Other routes include driving along the north coast road via Santana from Funchal; or coming up the rift in the middle of island from Ribeira Brava; or driving around the island past Ponto do Pargo.  You could also select to leave Porto Moniz and drive up to Paúl da Serra – a 1,600m high plateau!  The rocks and seas at Porto Moniz are incredible, but the views from Paúl da Serra are spectacular!

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