After 25+ years in Project Management – we are about to launch a new service for anyone buying a property in Madeira.  One of the challenges I have been made aware of is that when you buy a property somewhere like Madeira, more often than not, you are not there when the builders are working on your property.

The service we are developing is to Project Manage the building work on your behalf.  Although this programme is not completely defined, we will include holding a meeting between yourself and your selected building team – architect, builder, etc.  In this meeting we will clearly document all your requirements.  We will work with the building team to ensure that all elements are included in the initial quote.

Once you have accepted the quote and signed it off, we will work with the building team to understand their build plan.  At specified points during this build plan we will visit the property.  This will allow us to work closely with the building team.  As part of each visit we will fully photograph the progress to date and eemail you this information.  For all decisions that may need to be made while you are not on the island, we will call you and discuss the alternatives.

Where you may select to have different people involved at different times, we will work with each team and co-ordinate the efforts of each.  This will ensure that they are all working productively at all times they are on site.

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