… until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.’ Lin Yutang

Well made plans are sometimes those that need to be thrown out and started again.  We sold the house some 6 weeks ago and I’ve been living like a nomad.  Friends have been extremely kind and I’ve been housed all round the county – catching up with long-standing friends, having fun with new friends, relaxing with good friends – but, and yes there is always at but … the toll that this last 6 months has taken on me has eventually caught up with me.

Builders – say no more, but sadly the house wasn’t completed and the damage not repaired.  We are now looking for a new builder to continue with the next phase.  The time that has gone into this has been unbelievable – documenting all the problems, capturing it all on photograph, just for the builder to decide to ignore the final few things that are left to do.  Thanks for the quality (or is it?) of plumbing, we probably have the only house in the world that has hot water running through it’s toilet!

Estate Agents/Conveyancing Agents/Solicitors – not a subject that should be aired in public!  The challenges we met in trying to sell our house in the UK – the new regulations just make it a complete paperwork nightmare.  Even with the deeds to the property, we were still unable to find out the answers to all the questions now asked.  After 5 surveys and an extra 4 weeks of living in absolute chaos we wish the new owners a happy life in the house.

Packers/Movers – we have yet to see the end result of the packing as our household goods are still in storage – so no doubt more on this later.

Work – in amongst all of the above plus more, I was trying to work full time.  Needless to say that this didn’t really work successfully.  In amongst all of these challenges one of my clients decided not to pay their bills – no reason, no explanation.  To date I still don’t know why and am now having to consider the alternative methods to outstanding debt collection.

Should we go through all of this to move.  YES!

The last three weeks have shown the impact that the past 6 months has had on my health, but now that I am HOME – on the island, in the house (albeit still a building site), you suddenly realise how far you’ve come to ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM!

When I left Kent, UK on Wednesday it was a very sad moment.  I have lived in the county for 20 years – been close to some very good friends from Malawi, made some very good friends, and generally loved the peach and quiet of the county.  Easy to get to London, but living in the green space of the UK – as they call it ‘the garden of England’.  I organised a taxi to Gatwick airport – with a check-in of 5am I felt it was unfair on any of my friends for me to stay with them and leave at 4am – so I stayed in the hotel attached to the terminal.  Thursday morning I left the UK for my new journey home … it felt very strange, but also quite exciting.  I sat in the departure lounge and watched all the people around me either going on holiday or travelling for business; and wondered who else was there doing just what I was doing – moving from one home to another, from one country to another!

It has been a long time coming – one month short of two years since we visited the island, saw and bought the property in Madeira.  Wow!  When I saw this quote – it struck me ‘how true’!  There is nothing like going home and getting into your own bed and lying down on your own pillow!  For me that was yesterday – Thursday!

It was very sad to leave but exhilarating to arrive!  A good friend phoned as I was waiting for my case at the airport and said ‘welcome home’.  Other friends sent text messages – my Facebook page received a lot of good wishes – my inbox was busy today!  Thank you to all of you who supported me this week and to those who contacted me one way or another 🙂

Thank you to all who have been through this journey with me – who have provided me with support at times when I’ve needed it – and I look forward to sharing my future experiences with you too!