We arrived back in Madeira in December, 2008!  In our absence we since purchasing this property we had organised for a range of work to be done … the first was the building of the driveway.  Part of our purchasing negotiations was that, to allow us to part our cars off the road, we needed a driveway.  This was to be built by the previous owners on completion of the purchase.

This property ticked all of our boxes, but one of the challenges we saw with this property was the vehicle access into the property. We had decided to take both our cars with us, and on first appearance the only place to park these was on the road – a narrow road!  As part of the original discussions, the previous owners had offered us a space on the left hand side of this pathway as car parking.  Our only concern was that this would provide no space for visitors, or could be used by the people who purchased the property next to this space (which is also up for sale).

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