As part of the work we organised after we bought the property was to have the foliage at the front of the house completely cleared.

Although we had a clear picture in our minds of what we had bought, all the photographs that we had taken couldn’t show the actual house due to the vast amount of foliage surrounded the house.

As part of the demolishing of the bathroom/toilet block, we also organised for the foliage in front of the house to be cleared.  One of the interesting challenges we had, which we had not appreciated, was that all the properties we saw – we took the photographs.  So if you didn’t take that one photograph, you didn’t have that ‘aide memoire’ once you are not at the property.

As we were planning how to refurbish the property, we were using our photographs as our reminders of what we had bought – not being able to see it, make this task a little harder!

Our trip back in December, 2008 was a fabulous surprise.  We suddenly realised how big the property was.  Being able to take more photographs of the actual house made our planning thoughts and discussions a lot easier.

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