As I was checking the building work on my last day of my June, 2009 visit I realised that there was no hot water fitted.  What happened?

I went back through the paperwork and one of the things that became very clear was that in the original paperwork we had requested hot/cold water systems, but had not expressed exactly what we meant – TRANSLATIONS!  More and more I was beginning to appreciate the importance of working with the building team on a day-2-day basis; and that the decision I took in June, 2009 not to do any further development until we were living there was the right decision.

So phase 3 became the hot water system, storage for gas cyclinders, and confirmation of where the electricity meter should be placed.  Although the electricity meter had been discussed many times, legislation had changed and we needed to make further decisions.

Returning in September, 2009 was interesting.  A friend joined me for the first I was there – a week that should have been relaxing, recouperating, and fun – at times was just that; but at other times was challenging.  Business challenges in the UK struck with no warning – it just provided how important it is to be absolutely clear about where you are with your own technology.  Thankfully I had set up my technology to the extent when a client bounced a cheque, I was notified by a text message/SMS to my mobile.  Although this was challenging, we were able to deal with it over a couple of hours.  So many things to be aware of before you make the move …

Back to the house … this trip was ‘exciting’ – as this was the first time that I had not received photographs between my visits.  So we went to the house the day after we landed with no idea of how much or how little work had been done.

Phase 3 – much easier to see from the outside of the house.  The original storage area on the car terrace had been extended to fit the geyser.  The reason for gas hot water and not electric, is that our plan is to go solar power and heating when we start the next development.  A new storage area has been added for the gas cylinders.  On our initial viewing we were very concerned that this new storage area had been put in the wrong place (again another challenge highlighting the decisions that need to be taken when you are not around to help make them).  A couple of days later we were able to understand the reason for the positioning, but then raised the concern about getting two cars parked on the car terrace.  Our architect said that he was 97% sure that this would still work; but when I left I had not been able to test the driving way and car terrace with one car – let alone two!

So where had we gone wrong with this whole design.  We have never developed a property before and were advised to work with a great team.  I identified very quickly in this trip that what was missing from this team was a Project Manager and a Client Manager.  This just confirmed my decision about no further development until we are living there!

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