After many months of working through and wading through paperwork – we started the rebuild of phase 1 – Bedroom, Bathroom, Storage room, Car Terrace; with all elements of requirements in this phase.

It’s a strange position to be in … knowing that this phase is the start to our own rebuild – our dreams, our aspirations, our goals, are now starting to take shape.  It’s at this point you suddenly wonder if what you’ve planned will work.

We were recommended an architect and builder and met with them in December, 2008.  We pulled all our plans together, had them printed at the hotel, and went off to the property to meet them.  It was an interesting experience – a friend had recommended this firm.  He was with us as we met them – the architect spoke fabulous English (makes you realise how much you will rely on friends until our own Portuguese is at that level), but the builder only speaks Portuguese.  Fabulous meeting – they were open to all our ideas and asked many questions.  After this meeting we left them to work through the plans, the design and let us know the feasibility and of course, the quote.

We were then presented with a full specification and quote in Portuguese!  Thankfully Google translator was available.  We worked our way through the quote and then went to meet with them.  We have been lucky with the friends we have made – he was with us in this meeting.  We talked through the quote and agreed with what had to be done.

We left this meeting feeling as we were really on track!

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