Work on the rebuilding in Phase 1 – bedroom, bathroom, storage room, car terrace, water storage/store area, levada (around this phase) – started on the 17th March, 2009.

We arrived on the 15th April, 2009 and although we had been seeing photographs, we didn’t fully appreciate how much work had been done in such a short period of time.  At this time we were so appreciative of the advice and recommendation we were given to the team of builders we were now working with.

This photograph was just one of the ones that I took that confirmed the decision we had taken with the design of phase 1 was right – imagine waking up to this view everyday!  I know that after a period of time we’ll stop seeing it, but the opportunity to sit on the terrace that will be in front of the bedroom will give us the chance of quiet relaxing evenings in this evironment!

You too have the opportunity to living where you choose to live.  With the internet and virtual office facilities that are available to each one of us, gives you the same opportunity I have.

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