The legislation in Portugal is such that from exchange you much complete within 90-days from exchange date.  If you select not to complete or are unable to complete you forfeit your deposit, but if the seller/vendor decides not to see you gain twice the value of the deposit.

So to be complete on our purchase we returned to Madeira early September.  This date was driven both by our holiday commitments at the end of the September and our requirement to complete within 90-days from exchange.  As always we flew easyJet, left Gatwick at 7am and arrived later in the morning.  Martinho was at the airport to collect us and dropped us off at our apartment for the long week-end.

After a couple of hours we went out to the property, wandered around and just reminded ourselves why we had made the decision to buy this particular property, in this particular location, on this particular island.  After a 4am start, we had an early dinner, watched the sun set and went to bed.

The next day was the start of an interesting process.  We worked our way through the paperwork that we had, to ensure that we had everything we needed to take into the Notary Office.  We spent the day with the paperwork, wandering around in the sun, reflecting on our decision, making notes on our thoughts of our move.

Monday dawned bright and cheerful.  The full day that we had planned was changed, and some of the running around that we needed to do was reduced.  We left Paul do Mar and drove into Funchal to complete the buying process.  We met at the Notary’s Department and at our appointment time went into the Notary’s Office where the contract was translated and read out to us in English.  Once this was completed the contract was read out in Portuguese.  Although the whole process was conducted in Portuguese, Martinho (Madeira Property Centre)  kept us informed of each step of the process as it progressed through.

Once all the contracts had been signed and the bills paid, we left Funchal for Ponto do Pargo and the bank.  Here we collected the cheque and handed it to the previous owners.


After many years of dreams, discussions, research, investigations, paperwork, highs and lows, we now owned our own property in a country, environment, and area in which we know we will happily live!

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