Suddenly the weather changes and your current environment reminds you the reasons you chose to live where you are now!  Today saw me down at Camber Sands with a 17-month old Jack Russell that is staying with us (while his owner is away).  The day start drizzly, grey, overcast; but by the time we went to Camber it was 24°C, blue skies and sunny!

It’s days like today when you wonder wwhether the effort and work involved in moving is worthwhile Walking along the beautiful sandy beach reminded me of one of the reasons I selected to live in Kent.  As the Garden of England, days like today show you the beauty of the UK.

So, in the challenges of trying to build abroad while being in the UK, you do wonder if the decisions you have taken are the right ones.  There will be times when you will question your decision.  There will be times when you think that you’ve made the wrong decisions.  It’s better to have these doubts before you go – so work them through.

What are the benefits of moving?  What the are benefits of staying where you are now?  You have worked your way through your own reasons, but it is worth just recapping to be absolutely sure.
S – be specific M – set a measure to allow yourself when you move, whether it was a success A – what makes you believe that what you are trying to do is achievable?  Be clear in what you write down. R – how realistic are you being about your move? about your change? T – what timeframe have you decided upon?

Now you have throught through the reasons why not … what are the reasons you have selected to move?

Want to make a success of your plans to change your environment?
Want to make a success of your emigration?
Want to make a success of your repatriation?