Reading the Week-end Financial Times (FT Week-end) today I came across this article in the House & Home section – the lap of luxury (which can be found here (Financial Times, The Lap of Luxury) if the article has been removed from the FT website).

What does the lap of luxury mean?  This article refers you to a new ‘boat’ recently designed by Why Yachts, which comes with a price tag of between €uro90m – €uro100m.  It’s an interesting question – what does the lap of luxury mean to you?  To some it may mean floating around the oceans, visiting countries as required or by choice; to others it may mean a But ‘n’ Ben in the Scottish Highlands.

Spend a few moments and think about what it means.  Write down what comes to mind when you think of the phrase ‘lap of luxury’.  Once you have written down everything that has crossed your mind about this phrase, you can now defined your own definition.  Once you have your definition, think about what it would mean to you to actual live in your own lap of luxury.  Write down how it would feel.

Now you can work towards how you can achieve this?

Want to convert your dreams/aspirations to achievable goals?