… or is this the final step?

As we work through the process of selling our house in the UK, the question came to me … is this just the next step or the final step in the process of emigrating?

For a number of people I would guess it would be seen to be the final step, as working through the process of emigrating, is a long and in some cases very slow process; and those seeing this as the final step will be celebrating their success in moving.  For others it will be seen as the next step, with many more small steps in front of them!

For me I’m seeing this as the next step in the exciting process of leaving one environment and moving into a new environment.  There are still a number of immediate steps that have to be addressed, but I’ve just finished filling in the paperwork to sell the house and it feels like a huge step forward.  Is it?  After agreeing to sell the house this does feel like a huge step forward.  The paperwork is now with the solicitors and we are in the waiting game – paperwork and legal processing!

So the next step has been started and we are working through what now needs to be done to move out … re-directing post, changing details on services, organising packers … to mention just a few.  Watch for the list – I’ll publish it under Hints and Tips.  Any suggestions added would be gratefully received.