As you’ll know from my blog we’ve spent many, many hours on the internet – researching and sourcing information.  We’ve wasted a lot of time, but the gems we have found make the time worthwhile.
Tom Trevorrow of Tor FX was one of those finds.  We were recommended another company.  We had done one transfer through Tom and we took the recommendation seriously.  We working through the other company for our second transfer – the service provided by them was no where near the quality of service and the simplicity of the process that is provided by Tom and Tor FX.  We cannot recommend them highly enough.
To simplify the process of transferring currency funds, call Tom Trevorrow of Tor FX on +44 (0)1736 335 264 or email him  To ensure that you are provided with the service we have received, ask for Tom and if he is not available leave him a message – he will get back to you.  Let him know that it was ‘Barbara Cormack’ who referred you.

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