After all our research into Australia and we had to fully understand what our next steps were.

Photographs of breakfast on the banks of a river kept our thoughts focused on our goals.  Working out our next steps wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

We researched web sites for agents to help us with working through what we actually needed to do.  After talking to many agents and getting a variety of varying and very different advice, we had to make a choice.  How do you do this, when the people you are talking to are fabulous and giving you lots of information, but all differing.

We asked for references from people they had successfully worked with.  Interestingly some would provide these and others wouldn’t.  We took up all the references that we were given.  Some people replied and others didn’t.  We got some great recommendations and also some feedback on things that hadn’t gone as smoothly as they would have liked – always great things to be aware of.

After spending eighteen months working through this process of talking to people – interviewing organisations – collating data, we returned to the best way to get any recommendation.  As my parents had now emigrated to Australia we started talking to the agency that they used.  One advantage was that they knew the family connections and we didn’t have to provide this.  We were allocated a fabulous agent based in Dublin (same time zone – makes a difference).

We now started the process of what we actually needed to do to apply to emigrate to Australia.

If you have plans to move,
you have this opportunity to work with a qualified and accredited coach who has done it!