… believe you can do, begin it.  Action has magic, grace, and power in it.’  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A fabulous quote that I found when doing some research on the internet.  My understanding of this quote is that if you really want to do something, start it.  By starting it, you will begin the action to do it and you’ll see the magic starting to happen around you.

I’ve recently experienced this myself.  2009 for me has been a magical year and the realisation of this has suddenly come to light … yes, the year has been a hard one; but the magic moments have made it a very special year.  Twice special friends have travelled with me to Madeira and seen the magic of the island (for those who do not know, I am moving from the UK to Madeira).  I have been in contact with a number of friends from my school days – people that I thought, when I left boarding school in South Africa to return to Malawi, I would never see or speak to again.  We email, we facebook, we skype!  It’s been magical.  I’m meeting up with a cousin of mine, who again I haven’t seen since I left school – he lived in South Africa (recently USA and now the UK) and I’ve travelled extensively – so to be able to meet in London this week is magical.  I’ve experienced special, quiet, meditative moments (sometimes as short as 10-minutes, other times as long as a couple of hours); which ave allowed me to really focus on myself, my health, my business and my future.  Business opportunities – there are a number of business opportunities that have been brought my way … watch for updates throughout 2010 on these.

So although the world has said it is in a financial recession, I know that my life has taken a different path.  How?  As a coach who works with individuals and organisations that want to grow in their own understanding and development, I have used a number of these skills working with myself and my own coach – I am clear about how I wish my future to be.  I’ve developed a real understanding about what my future will focus on.  I’ve learnt how to face the fear of giving up something that is fundamental to my financial stability.  I’ve truly learnt to trust my own intuition.  All of this and more has allowed me to experience a very magical 2009! and by starting it and taking action, I’ve seen the introductions to relationships, the business opportunities, the peace, quiet and calm that I’ve been asking for, all start to come in to my own life.

So ask yourself, what magical experiences did you have in 2009?  What did you believe that you could do, that you could start now?  I look forward to hearing how 2010 develops for you.