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Over the past few months I have spent a few hours each day reading different peoples accounts and interpretations of Brexit!  Sad that may be, but as it has a personal affect on my life; it has become more and more mandatory in my every day waking time.

As expected I have come […]

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3D Sidewalk Art

Anyone who can create visual creations in my mind is a true artist.  I would love to be able to draw, to paint, to display my creative talents visually, but when you see the creative work of artists like Nikolaj Arndt; you know that you can sit back and appreciate his creative […]

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Chicken Wire Sculpture …

Born in Nairobi , Kenya; Ivan spent his childhood in Africa, England, Wales and Germany.

When not outside enjoying the natural environment, Ivan was drawn to all forms of artistic expression, and began drawing birds and African wildlife. As an adult, Ivan worked mostly in construction, but art was always an important part of […]

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International PCB Writers Edge – Membership Website

Simultaneous release: United States, United Kingdom and France – noon, June 3rd, 2013.

Today, PenCraft Books, LLC announced the launch of the PCB Writers Edge — a new membership website to support writers, worldwide.  This is a site prepared by writers to support all writers to assist each writer become expert and effective writers no matter […]

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