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A Year of Indecision?

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Writing style

Over the past few months I have spent a few hours each day reading different peoples accounts and interpretations of Brexit!  Sad that may be, but as it has a personal affect on my life; it has become more and more mandatory in my every day waking time.

As expected I have come […]

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Whose fault is it?

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Our first walk of the day, at this time of year, is generally in the dark.  I’m out there with both Skye (our Border Collie), Ziggy (our Maine Coon cat), and a torch :).

I find that it’s a great time to reflect on the past, on today, and on the future.  […]

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The interesting thing about a wishlist is that it is personal.  There is no right wishlist and no wrong wishlist – the only wishlist is YOURS!

So we started capturing what we saw in the properties we were exploring.  What was it about that particular property that made us stop and look […]

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Project ‘downsizing’

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When one door opens …

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Positive thoughts …

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