A Year of Indecision?

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Whose fault is it?

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Our first walk of the day, at this time of year, is generally in the dark.  I’m out there with both Skye (our Border Collie), Ziggy (our Maine Coon cat), and a torch :).

I find that it’s a great time to reflect on the past, on today, and on the future.  […]

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Holistic Health Retreat

I’ve just got back from a very interesting week.  For business and personal reasons I visited one of my closest friends – Dawn Campbell – for a week and experienced my very first week of juice feasting.  Originally three of us (all coaches) were to meet at Dawn’s to talk about our forthcoming […]

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Writing … Authoring … Co-authoring

Along with a friend in the USA and one in UK, I am launching an innovative online service that helps aspiring authors get published – PenCraft Books.

I wanted to personally let you know of this endeavor before our international Press Release.  Also I would be interested in any question or comments you have about our website […]

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With today’s technology, how can you share your exploring in real-time?

We sometimes go away with our friends and leave our partners, spouses and/or children at home.  I know that I’ve done this with girl-friends and my brother frequently does this with his motor-biking friends.  Being away for a couple of days isn’t really a problem when it comes to sharing what we did, but being […]

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